Simply put, Aquatowel is versatile. There are no other wet towels on the market with more functions, more benefits or is as environmentally conscious. Aquatowel is an individually wrapped wet towel made of 97.4% water. It is used for the face, hands, and body but could also double as a cleaning wipe for a variety of surfaces. It is free of perfumes, oils and harsh chemicals that can cause allergies or other adverse reactions. Aquatowel is safe for you, your children, your home and even your pets!


Aquatowel’s serves as a wet towel for the face, hands and body. It could be used to remove makeup, to clean off your hands after a barbeque, or even as a make-shift shower while camping. It is gentle on skin but tough on dirt so it also can serve as a surface cleaner. You could use it to wipe yourself down after the gym, or even wipe down the equipment down! For extra uses try heating up an Aquatowel for 3 seconds in the microwave for a nice warm towel, or stick them in the fridge for a hot summer day!

Benefits of Using Aquatowel

Aquatowel is made up of 97.4% water, 1.7% fermented ethanol and .9% of non-active ingredients. This means that it is only second to using good, old fashioned soap and water. The lack of harsh chemicals, oils and fragrance make it safe for babies. You won’t have to worry about ruining your counter tops, leather seats or clothing either.

The individual wrapper guarantees that each individual wipe is 100% percent sanitized, as per testing done by the US Consumer Product Services. Aquatowel sets itself apart because we guarantee sanitized towels, unlike the competition. Bacteria loves wet spaces, so after one single time of opening a large quantity pack of “baby wipes”, harmful bacteria will make its way onto each wipe. Not to mention, when buying a large pack of wipes, there is no doubt that many will dry out before use. With Aquatowel, you only need to open as many as you need to use, which eliminates extra waste.

We also find that Aquatowel is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go. Throw a few in your purse, one in your wallet, or even a pack in your car – no matter where you go, it is always at hand.

Environmentally Conscious

Each Aquatowel contains only 10 mg of water because water is a scarce natural resource and every drop is important. An average person uses a 1/2 gallon of water per hand washing, almost 190 times more water than an Aquatowel hand washing. Although we do not ever suggest flushing towels down a toilet, Aquatowel is biodegradable, as it is made of natural cotton. We even suggest recycling Aquatowel as well as our wrappers to ensure it creates no waste.

Better still, we suggest you to collect all of your used Aquatowel, throw them in the washing machine, and reuse them again as a cleaning rag for your home! The triple woven cotton helps to easily pick up dirt and dust.