Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aquatowel?

  • Aquatowel is a multi-purpose wet towel. It is used for face, hands and body. It could also be used to clean a variety of surfaces.
  • As a product intended to be rubbed on the human body, or any part thereof for cleansing and beautifying, it is considered to be a cosmetic.

Is it safe for my children?

  • Absolutely. There are no harsh chemicals, fragrances or oils in Aquatowel, so it’s safe for the whole family.

How big is each Aquatowel?

  • Each Aquatowel is 9 x 10 inches.

How long does Aquatowel stay wet for?

  • Each Aquatowel stays wet for approximately 30 minutes, or longer (conditions permitting).

Don’t the individual wrappers create a lot of waste?

  • At Aquatowel, we take being environmentally conscious seriously. We believe that creating individually wrapped towels would help eliminate waste because you don’t have to worry about half of the pack drying out, or getting harmful bacteria on the towel before use. We created a towel with three woven layers of cotton so that they’re strong enough to throw in a washing machine and be reused again as a dry towel. With Aquatowel, you only need to open as many as you actually need. And of course, we always recommend our customers recycle each wrapper as well as each Aquatowel after use.