Escape the storm, or getting stuck in it.

Hello and happy snowday to those of us stuck on the East Cost in this polar vortex and snowstorm PAX! Make sure to stay inside, and be safe if you have to brave the storm.

This morning it was reported that over 44 flights were cancelled from Newark airport here in New Jersey! So far most areas have seen almost 1 foot of snow! After this treterous winter, I just wish I could travel somewhere warm and sunny to escape this horrible winter. So, if you’re planning to escape these cold, bitter conditions here are some tips on keeping clean and well when traveling on crowded planes, stuck in recycled air, and surrounded by strangers.

If you have ever traveled or taken public transportation before, you know just how dirty and germ-infested trains, planes, taxis, and subways can be. If you are taking the trains, subways, or taxis daily, just imagine who sat in that seat before you, who touched the pole before you held on to it for stability, and all the people around you. Just because you may have clean habbits does not mean everyone else does too. Plenty of people carry around little bottles of hand sanitizer, but, when you are in a rush trying to get off the subway or train, reaching into your bag to shuffle around for the hand sanitizer may not be on the top of your priority list. Aquatowels come in individually wrapped packages and can fit in your pocket or outside pocket of a bag or backpack.

For those of you who are going airborn and boarding a plane to a new destination (hopefully a warm one), keep the same concerns in mind. Planes are all recycled air, if someone is sick on the plane you are on, you are likely to contract the same virus or illness. You also do not know how long the previous flight was and how many germs are still circulating from the last crop of passengers. Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, make sure you have a few Aquatowels in your carry-on luggage. Don’t waste liquid space with hand sanitizer (or take the risk of the bottle exploding everywhere in your bag!).

Keeping clean habits keeps you healthy. Keeping an Aquatowel close by also keeps you clean and healthy!