Healthy Strides Starting off the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! 


Many people start off the New Year making resolutions to turn over a new leaf and either join a new gym, start a diet, or begin eating healthier. People want to be healthy! This is ironic considering it is during a time of year when there are so many colds and viruses circulating. We have to make sure that we stay clean while practicing our new lifestyles. You may think that having a package of wet wipes, or a bottle of hand sanitizer will suffice in protecting you from the spread of germs and bacteria. When you open a package of mass-packed wet wipes, you contaminate all the wipes that you have not yet used. Every time you open them, you are letting more germs and bacteria in. With Aquatowel, we individually and stylishly wrap each of our wipes to ensure they are not prematurely contaminated by anything. It is a fresh new wipe, every time you open one. 


Let’s think about new routines we are starting this year. Maybe you joined a new gym, when you get to the gym, you have to keep in mind that not everyone is as hygienic as you. You can use an Aquatowel to wipe down a gym machine to ensure you are not contracting any viruses. For ladies, if you wear makeup and hate the harsh chemical smell and stinging of a makeup remover wipe, or baby wipe, carry a few Aquatowels in your gym bag to use to remove your make up before beginning your workout. Aquatowel is not made with any harsh chemicals to ensure that it is nurturing your biggest organ on your body, your skin! 


In an article by the Huffington Post from November 2013 titled, “Makeup Remover Wipes May be Convenient... But Are They Bad For Your Skin?” by Rebecca Adams, the harsh chemicals that makeup remover wipes (and baby wipes) are hiding, are described and revealed. These wipes are loaded with harsh chemicals and alcohols. What surprised me most, was finding out that in order to increase the shelf-life of these skin contaminators, formaldehyde is being added, which according to the article, is classified as a carcinogen under high exposure. Apparently, adding this very harsh chemical is to assure they stand the test of time and don’t dry out once the seal is broken. This causes dryness to your skin, irritation, and should be kept away from your eyes and lips (since they are the most sensitive points of skin on our face). I know that when I have used makeup remover wipes or baby wipes to remove my makeup in the past, they were predominantly used on my eyes to remove my mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Of course we have all felt that burning sensation on our eyeballs after using one of these, but just assumed it was okay? This definitely opens my eyes to what I should be keeping away from my skin and how I should be reevaluating my hygienic routine.


On the topic of eating healthier or dieting in the New Year, we have to remember to keep our hands clean before and after eating. What’s the point of eating healthy if you aren’t going to wash your hands? You eat a salad, but forget to or choose not to clean your hands before, your hands have touched plenty of surfaces that are covered in germs and remains of spreading viruses, you enjoyed your salad, you feel great about it! A few days later you are sick, coughing, cannot breathe out of your nose and have to call out of work, all because you did not wash your hands! Okay, maybe that seems a little extreme, but, it happens more than we realize. Encompassing all your healthy habits will only assist you in leading the healthiest of lifestyles.


We need to be consistent with washing our hands, after we sneeze, blow our noses, cough, using the bathroom, and especially touching or handling money (money is one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with!). We also need to be sure we clean our hands before eating, after eating and working out at the gym on different machines. It may seem like a tedious task if you are not always near a sink or available restroom. This is why it is great to carry a few Aquatowels in your purse, gym bag, work bag, laptop bag, tablet case, backpack, or even your pocket!. They are the closest to soap and water compared to any other wet-wipe-like product on the market today. So why use a wipe or sanitizer that contains chemicals that are going to harm or irritate your skin? Play it safe, stay clean and healthy, use an Aquatowel!