Customer/Follower Appreciation!

Hello loyal Aqautowel followers!


We truly appreciate your support and want to take the time this week to say "Thanks!" to all of you who visit our website, order our product, and help to promote us!


As we have mentioned before, we love hearing feedback and getting suggestions so we know what you all would like to see more of on here. Are you a cooking/baking buff and want to see more posts about that? Do you go to the gym everyday and want to see more work-out-related posts? Or, are you a parent and want to know more about how you can incorporate Aquatowels into your hectic routine? Let us know! We are here for you!


Again, thank you for all your support! Now go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! (Don't forget your Aquatowel!)

Escape the storm, or getting stuck in it.

Hello and happy snowday to those of us stuck on the East Cost in this polar vortex and snowstorm PAX! Make sure to stay inside, and be safe if you have to brave the storm.

This morning it was reported that over 44 flights were cancelled from Newark airport here in New Jersey! So far most areas have seen almost 1 foot of snow! After this treterous winter, I just wish I could travel somewhere warm and sunny to escape this horrible winter. So, if you’re planning to escape these cold, bitter conditions here are some tips on keeping clean and well when traveling on crowded planes, stuck in recycled air, and surrounded by strangers.

If you have ever traveled or taken public transportation before, you know just how dirty and germ-infested trains, planes, taxis, and subways can be. If you are taking the trains, subways, or taxis daily, just imagine who sat in that seat before you, who touched the pole before you held on to it for stability, and all the people around you. Just because you may have clean habbits does not mean everyone else does too. Plenty of people carry around little bottles of hand sanitizer, but, when you are in a rush trying to get off the subway or train, reaching into your bag to shuffle around for the hand sanitizer may not be on the top of your priority list. Aquatowels come in individually wrapped packages and can fit in your pocket or outside pocket of a bag or backpack.

For those of you who are going airborn and boarding a plane to a new destination (hopefully a warm one), keep the same concerns in mind. Planes are all recycled air, if someone is sick on the plane you are on, you are likely to contract the same virus or illness. You also do not know how long the previous flight was and how many germs are still circulating from the last crop of passengers. Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, make sure you have a few Aquatowels in your carry-on luggage. Don’t waste liquid space with hand sanitizer (or take the risk of the bottle exploding everywhere in your bag!).

Keeping clean habits keeps you healthy. Keeping an Aquatowel close by also keeps you clean and healthy!

Healthy Strides Starting off the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! 


Many people start off the New Year making resolutions to turn over a new leaf and either join a new gym, start a diet, or begin eating healthier. People want to be healthy! This is ironic considering it is during a time of year when there are so many colds and viruses circulating. We have to make sure that we stay clean while practicing our new lifestyles. You may think that having a package of wet wipes, or a bottle of hand sanitizer will suffice in protecting you from the spread of germs and bacteria. When you open a package of mass-packed wet wipes, you contaminate all the wipes that you have not yet used. Every time you open them, you are letting more germs and bacteria in. With Aquatowel, we individually and stylishly wrap each of our wipes to ensure they are not prematurely contaminated by anything. It is a fresh new wipe, every time you open one. 


Let’s think about new routines we are starting this year. Maybe you joined a new gym, when you get to the gym, you have to keep in mind that not everyone is as hygienic as you. You can use an Aquatowel to wipe down a gym machine to ensure you are not contracting any viruses. For ladies, if you wear makeup and hate the harsh chemical smell and stinging of a makeup remover wipe, or baby wipe, carry a few Aquatowels in your gym bag to use to remove your make up before beginning your workout. Aquatowel is not made with any harsh chemicals to ensure that it is nurturing your biggest organ on your body, your skin! 


In an article by the Huffington Post from November 2013 titled, “Makeup Remover Wipes May be Convenient... But Are They Bad For Your Skin?” by Rebecca Adams, the harsh chemicals that makeup remover wipes (and baby wipes) are hiding, are described and revealed. These wipes are loaded with harsh chemicals and alcohols. What surprised me most, was finding out that in order to increase the shelf-life of these skin contaminators, formaldehyde is being added, which according to the article, is classified as a carcinogen under high exposure. Apparently, adding this very harsh chemical is to assure they stand the test of time and don’t dry out once the seal is broken. This causes dryness to your skin, irritation, and should be kept away from your eyes and lips (since they are the most sensitive points of skin on our face). I know that when I have used makeup remover wipes or baby wipes to remove my makeup in the past, they were predominantly used on my eyes to remove my mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Of course we have all felt that burning sensation on our eyeballs after using one of these, but just assumed it was okay? This definitely opens my eyes to what I should be keeping away from my skin and how I should be reevaluating my hygienic routine.


On the topic of eating healthier or dieting in the New Year, we have to remember to keep our hands clean before and after eating. What’s the point of eating healthy if you aren’t going to wash your hands? You eat a salad, but forget to or choose not to clean your hands before, your hands have touched plenty of surfaces that are covered in germs and remains of spreading viruses, you enjoyed your salad, you feel great about it! A few days later you are sick, coughing, cannot breathe out of your nose and have to call out of work, all because you did not wash your hands! Okay, maybe that seems a little extreme, but, it happens more than we realize. Encompassing all your healthy habits will only assist you in leading the healthiest of lifestyles.


We need to be consistent with washing our hands, after we sneeze, blow our noses, cough, using the bathroom, and especially touching or handling money (money is one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with!). We also need to be sure we clean our hands before eating, after eating and working out at the gym on different machines. It may seem like a tedious task if you are not always near a sink or available restroom. This is why it is great to carry a few Aquatowels in your purse, gym bag, work bag, laptop bag, tablet case, backpack, or even your pocket!. They are the closest to soap and water compared to any other wet-wipe-like product on the market today. So why use a wipe or sanitizer that contains chemicals that are going to harm or irritate your skin? Play it safe, stay clean and healthy, use an Aquatowel!


Happy December!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had quite a fabulous one with so much food, fun and family! It's always great to spend time with your loved ones at the holidays. Thanksgiving is, of course, my favorite because of all the yummy and delicious food that my mom makes! I hope you all stayed relatively mess-free with your Aquatowels!! :)

I wanted to fill you guys in on our IHMRS show that was in November. We have been so busy with post show follow ups since!

First and foremost, thank you to all of the lovely people we met at the show. It was such an amazing learning experience and so humbling to meet so many people who love our product. Not only were the industry professionals great to meet, but there were so many culinary students attending. I was so glad to see how bright and creative the chefs of the future will be! We could not have anticipated a better turn out.

Below are some pictures from our month of November!

Cheers! :)

Remember, remember all the celebrations in November

When we think of November, Thanksgiving comes to mind along with the turkeys, gravy and all the pumpkin pies. But do we think of recycling? the dunce? or not smoking?

Turns out that Noveber is quite the busy holiday month; we never miss Veterans Day on the 11th, most towns and cities hold celebrations to honor all the brave women and men who served our country. In addition there's World Kindness Day on the 13th, America Recycles Day on the 15th; visit their website for events and other resources: http://americarecyclesday.orgChildren's Day is celebrated on the 20th and The Great American Smokeout the day after on the 21st [].  

More days for celebrations are National Sandwich Day, not kidding!!! America celebrates the the burger, the BLT or the Chicken Club on the 3rd of November. That same week we also have Guy Hawkes Day on he 5th and the dunce gets his day on the 8th with it's own Dunce Day! Last but not least is Parfait Day on the 25th, leading into or coinsiding with ... and the perfect complement for Thanksgiving our favorite!!!

And just when you though you had enough to celebrate and participate in, the entire month is also Family Literacy Month, National Pet Adoption MonthNational Pomegranate MonthPeanut Butter Lover's Month and Movember []!!! Had enough?  Go CELEBRATE!!! 

Ecocentric Mom

Hello Darlings!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We have some a very exciting update for you all.

Aquatowel will be featured in this month's sample box from Ecocentric Mom! We are really excited to partner up with such an wonderful team. Ecocentric Mom looks to introduce moms and moms-to-be to natural, healthy, and organic products each month. It is a monthly subscription, so for those interest please click here.

As I'm sure many of you know from your own experience, babies often suffer from bottom rashes which can be caused by wet diapers, chafing, infections or even allergic reaction to diapers. We suggest that after the diaper is removed, wipe your little bundle of joy down with a mild Aquatowel. You could warm it up for about 3 seconds in the microwave for a warm towel. After the Aquatowel, make sure to wipe with a dry cloth or towel, as a dry bottom is always recommended before putting on a new diaper.

Anyway, enough of that crap (see what I did there!), back to Ecocentric mom! Here is the preview of the box that we received. Don't mind the ripped box, we were excited!!!!! :) Let us know what you thought of your box on our Facebook page!


Happy Monday everyone! 

We are proud to announce that we are now listed on under the beauty and health care section! EcoRookie is an online directory leading consumers to all things ecofriendly! You can find home goods, clothing, beauty products and grocery goods on their website, so we recommend you check it out.

Happy Fall Everyone!

Hello Darlings!  

Today we have something special for you guys. We have below a code for you to receive 10% off of any orders over 20 dollars to celebrate the fall. We absolute love the fall as there are so many wonderful outdoor activities to take advantage of. Some of our favorite activities including baking anything with pumpkin spice, apple picking, hiking and of course trick or treating!

As you all know, Aquatowel is great while cooking because it helps make clean up a breeze. This weekend I am going to attempt to make this wonderful recipe for pumpkin spice cookie cups. I will have pictures up for you all to see once I make them!

Let us know what your favorite fall activities are in the comments section, and as always don't forget to send us your pictures!


10 percent off fall

Conscious Box

Hello friends!  

We have a few updates to share with all of you! This weekend (Sunday) we will be at Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark, New Jersey! Click the link for more information on the event. Not only will you be able to receive Aquatowel samples, you also have the  chance to win NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers tickets!

We also will be passing out samples at the Food Truck Rally in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on October 20th. It should be a great event with lots of food, drinks and friends!

Finally, as promised, here is the promo video for Conscious Box featuring none other than Aquatowel! Carin from Conscious Box has been wonderful to work with and we love her very much!

Stay Clean, Friends!